1. I’m surrounded by natural gas drilling wells, and I’m sorry to say, Tommy Lee Jones, that I can’t get behind the barnett shale. My neighbor has a well head that has a diesel pump running nearly all the time, despite the baffles and modest distance away, it still manages to ruin the peace and tranquility of where I live. Not to mention the dangers of hydro fracking presents to the ground water we use to drink and bathe in. Last year, there was a gas well head that blew out 15 miles away, it shook the house and I could see the fire spewing smoke from my house in the middle of the night. It gives me pause. 

    It is amazing how Chesapeake and XTO energy has poured millions into marketing campaigns spouting how clean natural gas can be. Lobbying congress, for cozy regulations and added subsidies because it is a green energy source, but they sure do have a hard time paying their leases and mineral rights on time, and have a hard time keeping their equipment letting out illegal emissions. 

    I understand that we need energy to run the world we live in, its just a little uncomfortable, I recognize that this isn’t the niger delta, or the Tennessee Valley, but the gas drilling industry’s record isn’t all that squeaky clean either. Tough choices in an increasingly complex world. 

    As the world’s petro chemical supplies gets squeezed by a more and more industrialized world, we can expect to make many choices and have strange neighbors. 



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